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Lower Back Pain

Santa Monica Chiropractic Care Effectively Treats Low Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer with low back pain. Low back pain is the second most common reason for missed work days after the common cold. This kind of pain can be extremely debilitating and significantly affect our quality of life. Medical treatment traditionally focus only on reducing the symptoms of back pain but usually fails to address the mechanical cause. Consequently, low back pain usually returns and often with greater intensity. At Apex Chiropractic, our approach to eliminating low back pain is very different. Our back pain specialist in Santa Monica alleviates the symptoms by correcting the mechanical cause. Our patients enjoy long-lasting relief without the side effects of drugs or the serious risks of surgery.

Pain Relief in Santa Monica: Drug-Free Treatment with Improved Health

Pain is only a symptom and a very valuable mechanism. It is our body's way of telling us something is wrong and in need of repair or correction. Back pain is very often caused by either a mechanical misalignment of joints (vertebrae) or injury to the surrounding soft tissue. Soft tissue injuries such as a herniated or bulging disc can compress nearby nerves, triggering pain. A soft tissue injury, such as a muscle strain or sprain, can decrease your mobility significantly and dramatically affect your quality of life. All of these injuries require prompt treatment in order to properly heal and effectively relieve and prevent further pain.

Medications certainly can provide temporary relief for back pain, but drugs are never an effective long-term back pain solution. These drugs work by decreasing our brains ability to perceive pain. Once the medication is fully metabolized and eliminated from the body, the pain usually returns. In addition, by masking our pain, we are unable to realize that our body is vulnerable to further injury and in need of care. Continued work or exercise without proper treatment puts our bodies at risk for serious or permanent injury and elevated pain. Pain is a very important defense mechanism our bodies have to tell us something is wrong. Without correcting the cause, pain should and will return. This is why chiropractic care is so effective. By correcting the mechanical imbalances that cause structural weakness and underlying pain, our treatments can help you return to a better quality of life.

If a disc herniation is compressing the nerves of the spine, gentle chiropractic adjustments are performed to remove pressure from the disc and the adjacent nerve root. Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and highly specific. Our Santa Monica chiropractor will first perform a careful diagnostic exam to determine the precise location of any spinal subluxations or pelvic misalignment. If subluxations exist, we will design a treatment program focused on restoring proper alignment and stability to your spine.

Chiropractic adjustments help by restoring proper alignment and creating space between the vertebra. Proper positioning reduces pressure on the discs and vital nerve roots. Many patients experience immediate low back pain relief after just one or two treatments, other patients will benefit from preventive care for chronic pain relief and improved health. For patients suffering pain due to ligament sprains or muscle strains, chiropractic care serves to promote the body's natural healing process by optimizing nerve supply and improving lumbar mechanics.

Complementary physiotherapy may provide accelerated pain relief. Physiotherapy can be essential for restoring mobility to the spine following injury. Our doctor will create a custom treatment program that provides enhanced pain relief without the need for invasive procedures and medication. Several research studies have shown chiropractic to be the most therapeutically effective and cost effective way to treat low back pain. If you are suffering with chronic low back pain or been told surgery is your only option, please call Apex Chiropractic (310)393-9070. We'd love to help!

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