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Golf Injuries

Golf Injury Pain Relief from Chiropractic

Golf is typically viewed as a low impact, low injury sport, but those who play regularly are in fact susceptible to a number of injuries. Many of those injuries can be helped or prevented by chiropractic care. Dr. Arndt has special training in the diagnosis and treatment of golf related injuries. He offers treatments that can bring pain relief for many of the most common golf injuries.

Low Back Pain is the Most Common Golf Injury

Low back pain can stem from a number of causes. These include mechanical misalignment, such as pelvic misalignment, vertebral subluxation or a herniated disc. Pain can also be the result of a soft tissue injury, such as a sprain or strain. The golfer's hunched-over stance, constant twisting and carrying the heavy golf bag for extended periods all cause stress to the spine. Even a textbook swing puts a tremendous torquing pressure on the golfer's spine. Tendinitis, specifically (medial epicondylitis) or "golfer's elbow" is another injury common to golf. This is an overuse injury that causes inflammation of the tendon and joint of the medial elbow from repetitive use.

Golfers also frequently suffer from shoulder pain, wrist, knee injuries as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Chiropractic care can help in many cases by treating the mechanical cause of the problem. We will design a treatment plan to alleviate pain, promote healing and prevent future injuries. If your back pain is caused by a vertebral subluxation or herniated disc, chiropractic adjustments can help by alleviating nerve pressure and increasing joint mobility. It is common to experience significant relief after one or two adjustments, but others benefit from regular maintenance adjustments for improved mechanics and to help relieve exacerbations of pain.

Golfer's elbow and other extremity injuries may also be helped with a chiropractic treatment plan including joint manipulation. Exercises are often prescribed to improve strength and flexibility increase mobility and bring relief. The first step in any treatment plan is a consultation with Dr. Arndt. He will take a careful history and perform a thorough examination. He will then design a treatment plan specific to your injury. As a sports injury chiropractor Dr. Arndt is committed to bring you relief, improve performance and help you quickly get back to the sport you love.

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