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Chiropractic Education and Training

The undergraduate and postgraduate training modern chiropractors receive is very similar to medical school with a special emphasis on spinal anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, biomechanics, X-ray and spinal adjusting techniques.

In addition, chiropractors are the only doctors trained to locate and diagnose the vertebral subluxation complex and help to correct the resulting nervous system dysfunction with special spinal adjusting techniques. D.C. s don't prescribe pharmaceutical drugs so they do not receive training in the prescription of drugs. Although medications can be very affective for symptom relief and vital for the survival of some individuals, pharmaceutical drugs can also be very toxic and disruptive to the nervous system. This is interference is contrary to chiropractic philosophy in the purest sense. Chiropractors are licensed Doctors or D.C.s by the State Board of Examiners. Dr. Arndt has been licensed in California since 1997.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Chiropractic care has an outstanding safety record. Chiropractic is probably the most conservative healthcare system available, without invasive procedures or addictive drugs. Chiropractic care is a natural approach to better health that has been proven safe and effective.

Will I Become "Addicted to Chiropractic"

I'm not sure what this means exactly. But I believe we should be addicted to and maintain all things that improve health and the quality of our lives. So the majority of my patients do choose to continue maintenance care. But that's up to you.

"Not Sure if I Believe in Chiropractic"

Chiropractic is not based on faith. Chiropractic is based on the same neurology and biomechanics taught in every medical and chiropractic school in the world. And the science and results are well supported by research studies. So If you believe you spine with moveable parts and a nervous system with nerves then you can go ahead and "believe" in chiropractic.

Do I Need to Keep Coming Back?

The spine is a very dynamic, resilient yet vulnerable machine that does require maintenance. The only answer to this question is that you get out of chiropractic what you put into it. Some like to limit Chiropractic Care to an extremely effective method of pain relief. And that's o.k.

But for over a century, people have used chiropractic to maintain overall health. Like a proper diet or exercise, chiropractic is part of a healthy lifestyle and you will realize increased benefits when you make it part of your life. Subluxations happen to all of us from day to day activities we probably completely disregard. Left uncorrected they will effect our health negatively.

The simple truth is that our bodies do require maintenance if we are to live to our full potential. This is an important choice we all have to make for ourselves.

Can my Pain Be from Stress?

From time to time we all get some muscle tension as a result of anxiety or "stress" But contrary to popular belief, stress is rarely the primary cause of the pain associated with the neck and spine. Muscle tension usually exists as a guarding response to mechanical injuries or abnormalities of joints that exist beneath the muscle. In other words, muscle tension is usually a symptom. But yes, stress will tend to exacerbate or magnify symptoms caused by other mechanical factors.

Does Yoga Align the Spine?

Sorry. Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise for strength and flexibility that I recommend to many of my patients. But no, yoga does not align anything. In fact, like many forms of exercise, yoga can actually cause vertebral misalignments like any other physical activity. In addition, some yoga moves are contraindicated and even dangerous for specific back injuries. In some cases yoga may cause an overflexibility of ligaments leading to instability of joints in some individuals.

I Adjust Myself Sometimes. Is that o.k.?

Random "cracking" or "popping" of your own spine or someone else's is not chiropractic and can be very dangerous. First of all, the vertebrae are more likely going into mis-alignment because they are not being pushed in any specific direction. In addition, by doing this you are stretching out your ligaments and causing instability of the joints. This will make you very vulnerable to injuries in the future. "Cracking" of the neck can potentially cause damage to the delicate blood vessels and can be very dangerous.

What Is that Cracking Sound Associated with an Adjustment?

As the joint moves, gas is released from the surrounding soft tissue. This causes the popping or cracking sound associated with an adjustment.

Does it Hurt?

Usually not. In fact, most patients feel an almost immediate sense of relief or "balance" But vertebral misalignments and other orthopedic injuries will cause significant inflammation and tenderness and sometimes it is necessary to contact this inflamed area to accomplish the adjustment.

Can You Prescribe Drugs?

Chiropractic philosophy in the purest sense does not support the use of drugs. The body is its own best healer if if allowed to function without interference. Although sometimes necessary, drugs often interfere with the body's ability to heal itself with subtle or serious side effects and should only be taken with great discretion.

Do You Adjust Babies and Children?

Absolutley! From the moment we come into this world our fragile spinal columns are susceptible to misalignments that compromise our health. In many conditions from ear aches to hyperactivity, research has shown children have a great response to chiropractic. Because of the flexibility and lack of muscle tension in children, they are very susceptible to vertebral misalignments. Also, because of this ligament laxity, pediatric adjusting techniques are very different than those used on adults. Pediatric adjustments require very little pressure to accomplish. The adjustment could be described as a Gentle poking of the misaligned vertebrae.

Do You Do "Non-Force" Adjustments?

By definition, a non-force adjustment is not possible. Although this language has become a popular marketing tool in recent years, targeting individuals that may be squeamish or apprehensive about real adjustments, nothing in this universe moves without at least some force.

There are some individuals that perform soft tissue techniques they call "non-force chiropractic", without the physical pushing we typically associate with chiropractic. These techniques will often give some relief. Human touch is a powerful thing. But this is not a chiropractic adjustment.

Your vertebrae did not move out of place without a force and they will not move back without it either. That does not mean an excessive amount of force is necessary to perform an effective adjustment. For each individual, I carefully determine the direction and the minimal amount of pressure necessary to move and adjust their vertebrae correctly.

Do You Accept Insurance?

At Apex we do accept and process most P.P.O insurance. We are participating providers with Aetna, Blue Shield, United Healthcare and Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plans to name a few.

Most insurance company policies do include chiropractic coverage after annual deductible and co-pays have been met. At your first visit please present your health insurance card and we'll be glad to call and obtain all your chiropractic benefit information.

I Was in A Car Accident, Do You Accept Attorney Liens?

Car accidents and the resulting legal issues can be very painful and stressful experiences. We have working relationships with several reputable attorneys we will be glad to refer you to. If you have obtained your own attorney, and following the consultation and exam your diagnosed injuries prove to be related to your recent car accident, Dr. Arndt will treat your injuries on an attorney's signed lien.

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