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The Science Behind Chiropractic

Every organ, muscle and tissue in the body is controlled by the nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Nerve impulses are carried from the brain to all the body tissues via the spinal cord and nerve roots. These nerve roots branch out from between the spinal vertebrae. Vertebral misalignments (subluxations) can pinch nerve roots and interfere with proper functioning of the nervous system and organs. Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to correct subluxations in order to restore optimum functioning to the body.

Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractic is based on the core belief that the human body has an innate intelligence. This intelligence exists in all of us from the moment of conception and communicates through the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to control every physiological and biological function in the body, essentially keeping us alive by adapting to everything in our environment.

This innate intelligence works 24 hour a day to keep us alive and makes no mistakes. As long as there is no interference in nervous system, the body can heal itself more effectively than anything or anyone else.

Subluxations or misalignments of vertebral bones pinch or irritate the electrical wiring that extend from the spinal cord and disrupt the communication from the nervous system. This interference compromises the body's ability to heal itself. That's were chiropractic comes in.

Relief vs. Wellness Care

The spine is a very dynamic and resilient machine with 24 moveable parts surrounding the most intricate electrical system ever created. This electrical system is what keeps us alive. Our spine and nervous sytem can be maintained. Unfortunately, the average person puts more time, effort and money into maintaining their car than their own body.

Although this machine is very resilient, countless activities and micro-traumas will misalign or subluxate our spines during a persons' daily life. Every day physical activities put a tremendous amount of physical stress on even a sedentary person's spine and nervous system.

The future of healthcare is not relief care or treating symptoms and ignoring the cause. Wellness is not waiting for degeneration to become so advanced that symptoms finally occur and then treating symptoms with drugs and surgery. This system has failed us for centuries.

Informed people are no longer accepting this broken philosophy. The modern healthcare system is moving toward wellness healthcare. This means maintaining your body and health before symptoms occur. Not only is this a healthier and more effective approach to health care, research is showing it's also less expensive than ongoing symptom care with pharmaceutical drugs and costly surgeries that result from neglect of the body. You only have one body and one life and there are no replacement parts. Doesn't maintaining your body and health make more sense?

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