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Auto Accident Injuries

Chiropractic Pain Treatment for Car Accidents

Every day, thousands of Americans are involved in car accidents. Injuries related to car accidents can be very painful. Often, due to lack of information, victims either receive innapropriate care for their injuries or their injuries are never properly diagnosed. At Apex Chiropractic, Dr. Arndt has been providing chiropractic relief to patients following automobile accidents in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. He utilizes multiple forms of treatment and therapies to help his patients make a full recovery.

Although a visit to your medical doctor or hospital is important to ensure there are no head injuries or other life-threatening or internal injuries, damage to joints and muscles often goes untreated. These injuries can later manifest in chronic pain. Emergency room exams will typically rule out any fracture or head injury but rarely recognize vertebral or other joint misalignments that should be referred for chiropractic evaluation and care. Left untreated, the altered mechanics typical of car accidents begin to show arthritic changes within a short amount of time and produce painful symptoms. Pain can be present immediately following an automobile accident. But often the pain related to car accidents can manifest slowly in the weeks or months that follow.

Even a "fender bender" can produce significant changes to the joints and nerves of our spines. This can result in chronic pain throughout our lives. A chiropractic biomechanical exam following a car accident is extremely important. Rather than masking back pain with medications, Dr. Arndt treats the cause of pain and discomfort in auto accident injury patients at the source. Many of the accident injury patients who come to our office following a car accident have significant spinal and neck injuries. A whiplash injury is one of the most common.

When whiplash occurs, the head is thrown back and then forward at a high velocity. This causes the stabilizing ligaments to be stretched and the discs and vertebrae in the neck to be compressed and lose their natural alignment. This also may result in loss of a normal neck curve (cervical lordosis) and compression of nerve roots. Similar injuries can occur to the upper and low back.

Medications do nothing but mask symptoms. Physical therapy can be effective but will not correct the mechanical misalignments that often occur. Although whiplash symptoms are not always apparent at first, stiff muscles and soreness or radiating pain may start in the days or even weeks following an accident. Left untreated, whiplash can progress into a more painful conditions that become more difficult to treat with time. Frequently victims are briefly evaluated, cleared for life threatening injuries, given pain medications and sent home. With their pain masked, they will often pursue no further treatment for their hidden injuries. Then in a medicated haze they're pressured to settle with insurance companies prematurely. Pain medications and physical therapy alone do not correct the most common joint misalignments caused by automobile accidents.

When we first meet with an auto accident injury patient, we take a careful history of your accident and resulting injuries and then conduct a comprehensive examination. This may include x-rays. Based on your history and exam a proper diagnosis is made. We then design an appropriate treatment plan designed to not only relieve your neck and back pain, but promote healing and prevent long term complications. Depending on the nature and location of the injury, we typically use gentle, but firm adjustments to the spine.

Chiropractic adjustments decompress nerve roots and help restore a more natural alignment. Although healing occurs over the course of many weeks or months, the muscles and joints in the spine are often able to return to healthy, normal function with regular treatments. In addition to chiropractic techniques, Dr. Arndt uses other natural therapies to help reduce neck pain and back pain and correct altered mechanics. Physiotherapy modalities such as ice, heat, traction, stretching and electric stimulation are often used in combination with chiropractic treatment to help improve muscle function and restore mobility. In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy exercises can make pain more manageable and accelerate healing.

We recommend scheduling an examination immediately following a collision. A car accident injury may not become obvious for several days, weeks or even months. Early treatment is key to optimal recovery and a good prognosis. Call us for an appointment today. Whether you need a few small adjustments or ongoing chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy, we look forward to helping you return to a healthy pain free life.

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